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The INDIRECT trick of using Structured Reference in Conditional Formatting

When setting up conditions for Conditional Formatting in Excel, have you ever tried to set a formula that refers to a Excel Table, but failed?

First of all, why we want to refer to Excel Table in Conditional Formatting? There is one simple answer: To accept new data automatically. 
To use Structure Reference in Conditional Formatting, we need an INDIRECT approach which is discussed here. Continue reading

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Highlight weekends and holidays using Conditional Formatting in #Excel

In this post, I will show you step by step how to set up conditional formatting to highlight weekends and public holidays with Excel. The key is to set the formula right. Having a proper layout will make the whole thing more easier, which will be discussed in the next post. Continue reading

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Rank in subgroup… RANKIF?

To get the overall ranking is easy with the RANK function.  The syntax of RANK =RANK(Number,Ref,[order]) Number is the number we want to rank; Ref is the list of numbers of comparison (could be an array, a reference or a list … Continue reading

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VLOOKUP the Nth matched item, with helper column

This should be the last post in 2015.  So it’s better to answer unanswered question in the year.  🙂 Question: “VLOOKUP will return the first matched value found, in case there are multiple matched records what formula should we use?” This … Continue reading

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15-significant-digit issue with SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S)

Have you applied SUMIF or COUNTIF to a range that contains numbers with more than 15 digits stored as text? If you did or if you do, you’d better continue to read this as you’ve got wrong answers that you … Continue reading

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