How to replace value with a value from another column in Power Query

It is a common task to replace a value with another value in Power Query. It can be easily done with “Replace Values”. However if you want to replace a value with the corresponding value in another column, it’s not that straight-forward in Power Query. Most of the time, we would do it by adding a conditional column, followed by removing the original column. It works, but it requires more steps.

Indeed, we could achieve this by using Replace Values in Power Query, followed by a simple modification to the formula generated.

Let’s watch it in action:

Want step-by-step instruction? Please continue to read.

First, replace the value with any value as usual

In our example, we replace null with “x”
  1. Right-click the column of interest
  2. Replace Values…
  3. Input the value to find, “null” in our example
  4. Input the value to replace with, “x” in our example (any letter would do)
  5. OK

Pay attention to the formula auto-generated.

In plain English, the formula tells Power Query to replace null with “x” in the column “SiteID_new” that came from the step “Source”.

Second, modify the formula

With just a simple modification of the highlighted portion in the formula, we will get what we want – the corresponding value in another column.

Note: Don't miss the keyword each
Tip: Mind the spelling.  Power Query is case-sensitive

As simple as this. πŸ˜‰


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