wmfexcel – Work smarter by Mastering Functions & Features in Excel

Being good in using Excel would lead you a promotion?  Maybe.

Working smart with Excel will save you hours in work.  I am pretty sure.

Throughout my working life, I have witnessed hours and hours of office time are wasted in “fighting spreadsheet” simply because people are not aware of many built-in tools and functions.  This situation is like opening a can with a butter knife… ;p

Don’t think you have to know Macro/VBA for being good in Excel, although they are really powerful.  I am only a beginner in VBA, but I am confident to say I am good in Excel “comparatively”.  🙂

The focus of my blog would be built-in functions/features in Excel: icons you see (or not see) on the Ribbon; usage of various functions; tips and tricks to make your Excel work more productive.  Ideas of content usually come from working habits of others and myself in workplace.  Your questions or comments are more than welcome!

p.s. Chinese language is welcome.

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Susan Dilloway says:

    Hi All,
    Not sure if this is the correct place to put this but I need some help.
    I have an 8 digit number code and when I vlookup and pull it through excel converts it to a date, but it’s not a date, I tried using Text on my vlookup but it just makes the date number into text.
    So frustrating.



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