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Extract FirstLast names in CamelCase with #Excel formula

In the previous blog post, we see how Flash Fill extracts First Name and Last Name from an email address in a format shown above.  I’ve also recorded a video for that post. Flash Fill is so smart to detect … Continue reading

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Interactive Chart with navigation panel [NO VBA]

Isn’t it nice?  Don’t think that this is difficult.  No VBA is required.  Indeed you only need to know a few Excel skills in order to create an interactive chart  with navigation panel like this. The skills required: Conditional formatting … Continue reading

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How Excel formula can save your time?

Extract number from a text string This post is about two things: How a poor system set up could drive you crazy? Why being good in Excel could save you lots of time in workplace? Another real work example.  I was … Continue reading

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Calculate number of a specific day between two dates

Answer: =SUMPRODUCT(–(TEXT(ROW(INDIRECT(B1&”:”&B2)),”DDDD”)=”Sunday”)) ‘where B1 is start date; B2 is end date. Excuse me? What it says?

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