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Basic Date Calculations – Power Query vs Excel Formula

It is quite common to perform date-related calculations when we work with Excel. Before Power Query, we must do it with built-in functions. However, we may not get the results we need with a single function most of the time. … Continue reading

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Insert Current Time or Today using #Excel functions or shortcuts

It’s not uncommon to insert a date stamp or time stamp on a spreadsheet.  We may use the following functions to get the results easily: =TODAY() ‘to get the date of today =NOW() ‘to get both the date of today … Continue reading

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Data Validation to restrict user from inputting to future days

The situation We need to input certain data on a daily basis.  For example, daily sales.  That is supposed to be an easy and routine task for many people.  BUT… it happened that we still have a chance to input … Continue reading

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