Insert Current Time or Today using #Excel functions or shortcuts

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It’s not uncommon to insert a date stamp or time stamp on a spreadsheet.  We may use the following functions to get the results easily:

=TODAY() 'to get the date of today

=NOW() 'to get both the date of today and current time

=TEXT(NOW(),"HH:MM") 'to get just the current time* 
*Tip: If we want to display down to second, use "HH:MM:SS" in the 2nd argument

Example of outputs:

Formula Results
=TODAY() 22/12/2019
=NOW() 22/12/2019 16:59
=TEXT(NOW(),”HH:MM”) 16:59
=TEXT(NOW(),”HH:MM:SS”) 16:59:07

Nevertheless, these functions always update whenever there is change applied to the spreadsheet.  Most of the time, we would like to convert it to a static value by using Copy and Paste value afterward.  We just want to record a moment, not to have “ever-changing” values.  In this case, it’s better to use shortcut keys to insert Today, and Current Time.

And the shortcuts are:

CTRL+; to insert TODAY

CTRL+SHIFT+; to insert current TIME

How about to have both TODAY and current TIME in one cell?

well, there is no such shortcut to my knowledge… but a workaround:

Excel Tip - Insert Date Time using shortcuts

What’s the trick?

Nothing magical but simply press in order:

  1. CTRL+;
  2. (space)



You may also watch it in my YouTube Channel:



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