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Excel Tip - Read Only 0

When we have created a wonderful #Excel template that is to be shared with others, we don’t want users to distort, if not destroy, the template someday.  Nevertheless we would like to leave as much “flexibility” as possible to users by not password-protecting anything on the template.  We know that some users are super creative to crack a password-protected sheet/book. 😛

Here comes Read Only to rescue.

It is simple to make a READ ONLY file.  Save As (as usual)…

  1. Open the drop-down of “Tools
  2. Select General Options…

Excel Tip - Read Only.PNG

Assign a password to modify

Excel Tip - Read Only 1.PNG

Reenter your password to confirm –> OK –> Save

Excel Tip - Read Only 2.PNG

That is it.

When someone opens the file again, Excel will ask for a password for write access.

Excel Tip - Read Only 3.PNG

If you are the file owner and you plan to edit the file, you may enter the password to continue.

However if you do not know the password, you have no choice but open a “Read Only” copy.

What is a Read-Only Workbook?

Excel Tip - Read Only 4.PNG

Isn’t it clear?

With Read-Only template, we don’t have to worry about our wonderful template being ruined by someone in unknown way. Simply ask them to start over with the unchangeable Read-Only template originally shared.

As simple as this. 🙂

Did you know…

In old days, we needed a sticker to cover a specific location to write-protect a floppy disk.

Excel Tip - Read Only 5.PNG

btw… have you seen a real floppy disk? 🙂

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