Another useful tips with Go to Special – Visible cells only

This is an extension of the previous post that talks about Go to Special -> Visible cells only

Apart from Copy ONLY unhidden rows/columns, another situation we used to run into is probably deleting or modifying hidden cells unintentionally.  Sound familiar to you?

This is the situation:

Image  You want to set a formula to get the total amount…

When you build the first formula on the top, you just copy the cell down out of your excel instinct…

You think you have finished your job and send the file to your boss.

Then you boss comes to your desk and asked loudly: “What have you done to the file??”

What?????  How come the file becomes this?



Hidden rows sometimes can be annoying.  If you copy a cell down (or delete a range of cells) with hidden rows in-between, you are going to make the same change (pasting or deleting) to all hidden cells in between.  I suffered from it long long time ago and I believe it is a common problem encountered by many beginners.

Here’s the solution:

As the screenshot below, first to COPY the cell (which is D2 in this example).

DO NOT Paste as usual or simply copying by dropping down the cells.

DO select the range (where you want to paste the cell), then “Ctrl G” ==> Special


Select “Visible cells only”


Now, you can paste as usual (right click on the range and then Paste)


This time, your boss won’t come to you angrily 🙂


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