How to copy visible cells only?? – GO TO SPECIAL: visible cells only

Have you run into a situation that you wanted to copy a table, like the one below, to a new worksheet.


However the Table “expanded” automatically…


All the information from the hidden rows and columns reappears.  What???

A simple trick can avoid this – GO TO SPECIAL: visible cells only

Follow the simple steps:

1)   Select the range as usual, in the example above, i.e A1:E6

2)   Before you “COPY”, press Ctrl G to open the “Go To” dialogue box


3)   Select “Special”

4)   Select “Visible cells only”


5)   Then you may COPY by “Ctrl C” or using the COPY icon on the ribbon


6)   Did you note the difference?  The blinking dotted lines that indicate four different ranges (A1:B3, A6:B6, E1:E3, E6) to be copied instead of the range A1:E6

7)   Paste to your destination as usual.

8)   Have a break 🙂

Alternative approach – Using Clipboard

What if you forgot to select visible cells only at the first place?  No worry, did you know the Clipboard can help?  Please check this out from the blogpost – The Clipboard can be useful occasionally…

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An Excel nerd who just transition into a role related to data analytics at current company......😊 Recently in love with Power Query and Power BI.😍 Keep learning new Excel and Power BI stuffs and be amazed by all the new discoveries.
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