Unhide multiple sheets with #Excel 365

Photo Hunt time – What are the differences between the two screenshots?

Three, Two, One…


Did you see it? The long-awaited feature is finally here in Excel 365.

The next question is how?

First, subscribe to 365! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Second, right-click sheet tabs

Third, hold Ctrl key + Mouse left click or Shift key + Down arrow to select the sheets you want to unhide, then OK!

As simple as this!

Let’s watch it in action:

Not yet on Excel 365? Go for one. I would say it is worth the price if you are using Excel frequently.

So, do we have alternative ways to unhide multiple ways with older versions of Excel? Well… we may use VBA to hide selected sheets. However, there is no easy way to unhide multiple sheets, although we may unhide all hidden sheets at once. Read the following post for more details:


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