Delete rows with empty cell(s) in #Excel

Excel Tip - Delete rows with empty cells 1

Guess what?  We are going to do it with a sequence of keyboard shortcuts only.  Believe it or not, it requires only 8 key strokes:

Ctrl+A => Ctrl+G => Alt+S => k => Enter => Ctrl+- (minus sign) => r => Enter

You may download a Sample File to follow along.

Two major steps involved:

  1. Select blank cells in the range
  2. Delete “Entire row” of those selected blank cells

The keyboard shortcuts for different actions are listed below: 

Select current region

  • Ctrl+A or Ctrl+Shift+8 (note: select any cell in the range first)

Select blank cells in the selected region

  1. Ctrl+G (Go to)
  2. Alt+S (Special…)
  3. k (Blanks)
  4. Enter (OK)

Excel Tip - Delete rows with empty cells 2

Delete rows of selected (blank) cells

  1. Ctrl+- (Delete)
  2. r (Entire row)
  3. Enter (OK)

Excel Tip - Delete rows with empty cells 3


Bare in mind that we don’t need to select an entire row to delete a row.  I found that it is a common myth.

Watch it in action on my YouTube channel:

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