The making of the bee…

The making of the bee2

Did you know… the bee you see on top of this page is drawn with Excel using shapes?The making of the bee1.PNGThe making of the bee

Yes… these are the shapes I used to draw the bee.  What I did was to put them together… Watch this:

The making of the bee

You know what… I have been thinking to demonstrate this for a long time.  I haven’t had done so because the time required to set the animation (in PowerPoint) would be too long…  But with Office 365, PowerPoint has a new transition effect called Morph, that makes such animation a piece of cake.  The above was done in a minute, or two.

I find this effect super cool.  Check this out if you are interested in it.

On top of all those new amazing Excel features, do you find one more reason to subscribe to Office 365 now?  ;p

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