Using Skip blanks in Paste Special

What the Skip blanks does?

Excel Tips - Paste spceial with Skip Blank

Have you ever had this question?  From my experience, 99.9% users (I work with) have no idea what it is or even are not aware of that option in Paste Special.

Are you one of them?  Let’s try to understand what it does through the following imaginary conversation between Excel and you…

Excel: I am going to paste the copied range to the destination, but what do you want me to do with the blank cells in the copied range?

You: Skip them, please. (You tell Excel by checking the “Skip blanks” box)

Is it clear?  Not really??

Again, a screencast tells a thousand words:

Excel Tips - Paste spceial with Skip Blank

Note: A cell with empty space(s) is not “blank”.

Tip: If you want to paste without the formatting, select “Value” under paste option.


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