A tip of using AutoCorret to input names quickly

This is a simple tip that most secretaries and executive assistants love. 🙂

Excel Tips - AutoCorrect0.gif

Did you ever look up someone’s full name in Outlook or email directory?  It happens especially if you are working in a multi-national company and you are working with people from around the world.  Some foreign names are really difficult to spell.  Right?

So why not we input them into AutoCorrect and let Excel/Word/PowerPoint to remember the spelling and type it lightening fast for us?  Isn’t it nice if we just need to input the initials?  

This magic is simply the AutoCorrect.

Go to File –> Option –> Proofing –> AutoCorrect Options

Excel Tips - AutoCorrect.JPG

On the “AutoCorrect” tab, input the short-form you want, and the corresponding replacement intended.

Excel Tips - AutoCorrect1.JPG

Tip: Suggest to put a special character as prefix.  In my example, I used underscore (_) so that AutoCorrect only changes “_as” but not “as” to “Anakin Skywalker”.

Repeat the above steps for different initials and names

Excel Tips - AutoCorrect2.JPG

When done, press OK.

As simple as this. 🙂

Note: AutoCorrect applies to different Office programmes like Word and PowerPoint.



How do you use AutoCorrect to speed up your work?  Please share with us by leaving your comments.




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