Mouse Tips – Move cell to other sheets

Excel Tips - Move cell to other sheets 1

If you have tried to move a cell from one sheet to another sheet by dragging it to the Sheet tab, you would be frustrated it just keeps you (going) DOWN.  😛

Alternatively, you may need a new window displaying the other sheet. Then moving cell by drag and drop is easy.  However, to make a new window and then arrange the two windows is quite tedious for a simple task like this.

Excel Tips - Move cell to other sheets 3

(For how to arrange two different sheets of the same workbook side by side, please visit HERE.)

The key for this trick is Alt. 🙂  Simply hold Alt key when you move to the tab of Sheet2.

Excel Tips - Move cell to other sheets 2

How do I know this?  Please pay attention to the hint that appears on the leftmost of the status bar when you click on the border of a cell.  You will see “Drag to move cell content, use Alt key to switch sheets”.

Hints are all around on Excel itself, waiting for us to discover!

Practical use:

Honestly, I would prefer Ctrl+X (cut) and Ctrl+V (paste) for such action to using mouse’s drag and drop.


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