Top 40 Excel Blogs by Feedspot

What an honour and pleasant surprise to be selected as one of the Top 40!

Recently I am quite busy (and moody) at work, I mean the real work at office.  You must be thinking my works involved using Excel a lot and I should be able to finish them in an efficient way.  However the fact is… Excel is the barely opened application in my PC at work.  When I use Excel at work, I probably use it for “non-analytic” purposes.  Can’t imagine, right?

Then one day, I received an email from Feedspot saying that has been selected as one of the Top 40 Excel Blogs.  That was the truly refreshing moment of my boring day.

Frankly speaking, I think I have not reached this level yet.  Nevertheless I am super happy that my blog is getting more popularity.  If you are reading this, I sincerely thank you! 🙂


About MF

An Excel nerd who just transition into a role related to data analytics at current company......😊 Recently in love with Power Query and Power BI.😍 Keep learning new Excel and Power BI stuffs and be amazed by all the new discoveries.
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