wmfexcel (aka BeExcellence) is now multilingual

<Note: There is no Excel tip in this post.>  🙂

Multilingual?? Really??  Not exactly.

The fact is I’ve just added a widget to the side bar on the right:

wmfexcel - Google translate.png

Click on the pull-down menu of “Select Language”, you will see quite a lot of choices:

wmfexcel - multilingual 2.png

Well… if you have tried Google Translate before, you should know that it’s yet to be perfect.  You will encounter some funny translations, like the following:

wmfexcel-multilingual 3.png

The original English is: “Seriously? No way… @_@”.  The translation of “Seriously” is done properly.  However “No way” has been translated into “No door”. 🙂

Nevertheless, when you hover your mouse on a translated sentence, you will see the original text which I believe would help you better understand the translated contents.

wmfexcel - multilingual 4.png


Although the Translation is not perfect (yet), I think it is a good option for non-english readers.

Where do I find the widget in WordPress?

Go to WP Admin page, Widget under Appearance, where you will find “Google Translate”.

wmfexcel - mutlilingual.png

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