Insert “tick in a box” in Excel

Recently, I’ve been collecting Excel files from colleagues regarding implementation status of some activities in the region.  Part of the template looks like the screenshot below:

Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark.png

Quite simple and straight forward, right?

I expected I would get something like the following in return: Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 1.png

But in reality, I got somethings like these:Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 2.png

Franky, I don’t blame them.  On the contrary, I appreciate their efforts in communicating the results.  Especially the one who used “circle” as the indicator.  I can imagine how much time they spent on it.

Why couldn’t they simply click on the checkboxes?

Because the “checkbox” on the original template was not true checkbox.  It is just a plain “rectangle” in a cell, meaning that you cannot “check” or “uncheck” it…. not to even think about putting a tick on it.

So how can I put a tick on the box?

Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 1.png

The correct question should be: How can I insert a symbol of “Tick in a box”?

Go to Insert tab –> Symbols (on the right)

Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 3.png

See the tick?  Not yet.  Please scroll all the way down…Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 3.1.png

There you go!

Excel Tips - Insert Tickmark 4.png

(Tips: A list of “Recently used symbols” is available for your selection; Change the “Font” to see more)

Once you have inserted one successfully, you may simply copy and paste the “Tick in a box” to other destination cells.

This sounds easy?!  Maybe, or maybe not.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to start.

Please feel free to explore more “Symbols” and “Special Characters”.  Share with us your favourite “Symbols” that are useful to your spreadsheet by leaving a comment.


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  1. Dan says:

    Thank you for posting this. Great information.


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