How unorganized data could drive you crazy!

This is about how to clean up data for a simple VLOOKUP task.  To be more specific, how to separate data delimited by line break in a cell, as you see in the following screen shot.

Excel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 1

The one who input record like this should have plenty of time; or expect you to have nothing to do; or simply because s/he just learned how to input line break in a cell… I hope you will never encounter a file like this.  Nevertheless just in case you do, you know a way to clean it up. 🙂

Text to Columns comes to rescue.  How?

First let’s transpose the data; Copy and Paste (Transpose)

Excel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 2

Once you have your data transposed, select the two cells you need to separate the data, with the help of Text to Columns.  (Note: make sure you have enough space to the right for the text to expand!)

Go to Data Tab –> Text to Columns –> Delimited –> NextExcel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 3

Here comes the tricky part:

Check “Others:” and then click into the text box next to it –> Press Ctrl+J  (Observe the changes in the Data Preview)

Excel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 4

Now it’s ready to FINISH.

The result should look like the screen shot below.  Please double-click inbetween the row labels to autofit the row height.

Excel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 5

Although the data is now ready for HLOOKUP, let’s transpose it back to have the look and feel of the original data.

Excel Tips - Separate data by line break in cell 6

Not too difficult, right?!

Don’t know VLOOKUP?  No worry, I have many posts of VLOOKUP for your reference.

Please DO NOT input various data in a single cell by inserting line break just because you know how to input line break.

If you want to remove line break quickly, please read this.


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