How much do I need to pay?

This is not an Excel question…


Just had a happy dinner gathering with friends! Good food, good friend, and good price… 🙂

While a friend was calculating how much to share by each of us, others asked me how to use vlookup for that calculation.  Hahaha, I know that they were kidding!

I said: “We don’t need a vlookup for that (we don’t even need a spreadsheet to do that).  We just need to divide the total amount by the no. of people, right?”

She replied: ummmmm….. I want C to pay half of what the rest of the group pay, that needs a bit calculation…

then she came up with the amount. (I still think that she pays more for us… ;p)

Anyway, we still don’t need a spreadsheet to do that calculation.  As the requirement is one of us pays only half of the rest do, we can do it by the following equation:

C = T / (N x 2 -1) where T is the Total Amount; N is the number of people; C is the amount to be paid by the C

Then how much the rest of the group pay??  Should it be C x 2??? 

Does it make sense?

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