How to get rid of the error message?

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there are 7 (+1 if you consider #### an error) types of error message in Excel?  In my experience, most users do not care about the meaning of the errors.  They just want them “disappear” on their worksheet because these errors do not look good.

IFERROR is a simple way to achieve this:

Instead of inputting your formula (e.g. =A1/0) directly, wrap it with IFERROR.

=IFERROR(Your formula,””)

For Excel 2003 or earlier user:

=IF(ISERROR(Your formula),””,Your formula)

Literally, it means IF the formula gives you an error result, then return nothing (“”), else return the result of the formula itself.

Tips: You may replace “” to any text or reference you want, e.g. “Zero/No denominator found”.

btw, if you are interested in learning more about the meaning of each error types, and probably how to avoid errors in building formula, check this site from MS.

Correct an error value


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