Convert unit of measurement from one system to another system


Have you ever wanted to convert Degree Celsius to Degree Fahrenheit or Meter to Mile in Excel?

Yes, I did.  What I did was to first Google the formula for such conversion, and then apply the formula manually in Excel, e.g. to change 37C to 98.6F, I would input a formula =37*9/5+32

One day, I realized that there is such a convenient function to do it…


CONVERT(number, from_unit, to_unit)

Here’s an example:


Don’t worry about the unit of measurement.  Once you have input “number”, it shows a list of units for your selection. (Excel 2010, not sure for Excel 2007)


And the good thing is, once you have input the “from_unit”, it shows a list of relevant units only.  Well, you will not convert Mile (distance) to Liter (volumn), won’t you?


Interesting, this feature of “relevant list of choice” does not apply to “Temperature”…

Below a list of available units from Excel Help

Weight and mass From_unit or to_unit
Gram “g”
Slug “sg”
Pound mass (avoirdupois) “lbm”
U (atomic mass unit) “u”
Ounce mass (avoirdupois) “ozm”
Distance From_unit or to_unit
Meter “m”
Statute mile “mi”
Nautical mile “Nmi”
Inch “in”
Foot “ft”
Yard “yd”
Angstrom “ang”
Pica “pica”
Time From_unit or to_unit
Year “yr”
Day “day”
Hour “hr”
Minute “mn”
Second “sec”
Pressure From_unit or to_unit
Pascal “Pa” (or “p”)
Atmosphere “atm” (or “at”)
mm of Mercury “mmHg”
Force From_unit or to_unit
Newton “N”
Dyne “dyn” (or “dy”)
Pound force “lbf”
Energy From_unit or to_unit
Joule “J”
Erg “e”
Thermodynamic calorie “c”
IT calorie “cal”
Electron volt “eV” (or “ev”)
Horsepower-hour “HPh” (or “hh”)
Watt-hour “Wh” (or “wh”)
Foot-pound “flb”
BTU “BTU” (or “btu”)
Power From_unit or to_unit
Horsepower “HP” (or “h”)
Watt “W” (or “w”)
Magnetism From_unit or to_unit
Tesla “T”
Gauss “ga”
Temperature From_unit or to_unit
Degree Celsius “C” (or “cel”)
Degree Fahrenheit “F” (or “fah”)
Kelvin “K” (or “kel”)
Liquid measure From_unit or to_unit
Teaspoon “tsp”
Tablespoon “tbs”
Fluid ounce “oz”
Cup “cup”
U.S. pint “pt” (or “us_pt”)
U.K. pint “uk_pt”
Quart “qt”
Gallon “gal”
Liter “l” (or “lt”)

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