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#Excel Flash Fill in action with 16 examples

Flash Fill was introduced in Excel 2013.  After 6 years, it is still a hidden gem of modern Excel that most regular Excel users do not even know its existence.  Whenever I show to my colleagues what Flash Fill is … Continue reading

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Birthday Treat Calculator

A powerful tool for a silly thing.  Why not?  🙂 Long time ago, I wrote a blog post How much do I need to pay? which was not really related to Excel but calculation of a random daily event.   … Continue reading

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Extract FirstLast names in CamelCase with #Excel formula

In the previous blog post, we see how Flash Fill extracts First Name and Last Name from an email address in a format shown above.  I’ve also recorded a video for that post. Flash Fill is so smart to detect … Continue reading

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Turn CSV data into insight like a pro with Excel 2016

Many people are not aware of how easy-to-use and powerful modern Excel is. I mean Excel 2016 or later. In this post, I will show you how to turn CSV data into insight in a just a couple of minutes like a pro. Techniques used: Flash Fill, Quick Analysis and two new chart types (Histogram and Pareto). Continue reading

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