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Trick or Treat 2014

Today is Halloween.  Let’s do some funny things today. Have you ever thought about to turn your screen upside down?  To do this, you just need to press CTRL + ALT +↓  

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How to calculate number of overlapping days for two periods?

Have you ever encountered a situation that you need to find out how many days in Period 2 fall into Period 1? Is using IF(IF…(IF…(IF…(IF….. the first thing in your mind?

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Advantages of having date input correctly in Excel

In previous posts, what do we need to know about inputting date in Excel was discussed.  Suggested solutions for fixing trouble dates were also given.  But WHY having date input correctly in Excel is so important? Why should we care? Answer: It’s … Continue reading

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Fixing trouble dates

Different ways to convert dates stored as text or other unrecognized date formats to real dates in Excel. From time to time, we work with dates in Excel files.  Well, if dates were input correctly as serial number, everyone is happy. … Continue reading

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What we need to know about inputting Date in Excel?

When you type “1/5/2015” into Excel, do you know whether it is “1st of May, 2015” or “5th of January, 2015”? The answer: It depends! Depends on what?  

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