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Are you sure you have input a date correctly in Excel?

Although they sound like basic questions, I am quite surprised that many colleagues are not aware of the different ways to input date in Excel “correctly”.  I would like to understand the situation of other Excel users by putting a poll … Continue reading

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2D SUMIF with two variables – one on column and one on row

SUMIF is a commonly used function to give you sum of a range that meets a specific criterion.  For the example above, if you want to know the total expense of Department 1 in Jan, you can use SUMIF: The Syntax … Continue reading

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Clear or Delete? A hassle-free way to clear everything in a cell

Do you have a habit of right-click a cell and Delete it rather than pressing the “Delete” button on keyboard? If you do have this habit, I guess you possibly are frustrated by the following experience before:

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How Excel formula can save your time?

Extract number from a text string This post is about two things: How a poor system set up could drive you crazy? Why being good in Excel could save you lots of time in workplace? Another real work example.  I was … Continue reading

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